Supplierbusiness- Automotive Market Research Reports

SupplierBusiness is the richest source of automotive market research. They have recently launched a new section of reports called OEM Sourcing Analysis’ that covers complete information about the world’s largest carmakers. These reports give an insight about the leading global automotive OEMs, such as Hyundai, BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan, PSA, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen. These Repots provide information to the suppliers who are associated with these car makers by giving insight about the strategic and market position of the carmakers.

The most critical factor in the success of any automotive supplier is the carmakers and programs that they supply. The recent reports show that the weak market position of carmakers like General Motors, Chrysler, and Detroit is having an adverse effect on the suppliers. The uncertain prospects of these carmakers has dwindled the status of suppliers. In spite of the low market position some of the suppliers to these car making companies in china are still seeing healthy levels of demand.

The supply base of the carmakers is dependent upon the technology level and scale of economies that the supplier is often able to achieve. The other factors that affect the decision are supplier’s margins. The competitiveness of pricing is one of the key factors that identify the supply base of each OEM. The OEM Sourcing Reports are based on purchasing & product strategies, forward model programs, manufacturing plans, sales, production and financial outlooks along with research specific to each OEM.

SupplierBusiness’s analysis of supplying OEM’S is based on surveys of hundreds of suppliers who are associated with Automotive News reports for more than four years. Our surveys provide a rigorous peer review of the real experience of working with different carmakers what level of technology they really demand, the pressure they place on prices in comparison with other carmakers, and how difficult they are to deal with as commercial partners. The surveys also show how these factors have developed over time and affected the automotive market. These reports also give info about which carmakers, the suppliers feel are the most attractive to work with.

In addition, the analysis is supported by interviews and third party coverage of the developments and trends at the different car assemblers. The reports are builds upon the unrivalled new car production forecast data assembled by SupplierBusiness’s parent IHS Global Insight. Together these elements provide a unique and insightful way of addressing to the strategic issues of the suppliers. It also helps them to determine which carmakers should they try and win as customers, and how they should best approach them. Of the current supply base of each of the carmakers, for most of the major models assembled in Europe and North America, the analysis provides an essential foundation for the planning of supplier development strategies.

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